A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Peaceful Life is an interactive NFSW Adult Visual Novel Game which is In development process.


After moving into the new house and transferring to a new school, you found it hard to make new friends and finally ended up being a bully target. Almost a year had passed, you finally had enough of being bullied, so you decided to change yourself during a semester break. Will you manage to successfully live a peaceful life? It's up to you.


The game is built on choices which will have an impact on the gameplay. Girls has two statistics; Affection and Fear. How girls react towards you is based on which one is higher. You can be either a nice guy or a douche, it's all your choice!


At the moment, there are 16 hot girls in the game. Some of them already have contents while some still don't, but it will keep coming in the future.


- Teen, MILF, Masturbatation, Voyeurism, Blackmail, Oral sex, Vagina sex, Handjob, Titfuck, Ahegao, Romance, Spanking

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsErotic, Male protagonist, relatio, Ren'Py, Romance
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

1. Extract and run.


MAC (V0.7) - MEGA

Development log


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it seems that Patreon Has the Only DL Link that is not Messed Up!!

The MAC V(0.7) - MEGA download isn't working, also can you make a download link that downloads it straight to your downloads folder. MEGA doesn't work for me.

Whyyy lyk4n??😭😭😭Why are u not updating this game from 0.9 version.I will pay u any amount.Just plzz update peaceful life


you can get 0.9 for free on his patreon.

Yes I played v0.9,But after Lyk4n isn't  giving any update for v1.0

Is Lyk4n no longer updating this page? I seen v.0.9 on his patreon, but this hasn't been updated since last year...

(1 edit) (+3)

To get the working download link, go to authors'  patreon! 



Worked thanks

Is this really not available anymore or did you remove it for reasons unknown or personal.


so when i try the windows link it says it has been deleted 


I can't get to akane event do her favour is this bug or something


is the next update comming soon?


This wasn't a bad game by any means, and while there are aspects that could have been better, I believe that with time and polish this could be a much beloved game in the community. However, I will point out a few issues that I found....


1) Regardless of how you play the game there only two paths that it lets you go down. If I selected options that give me only affection I get one path, if I select options that give me only fear I get the other path. However, selecting options that give you an equal amount affection and fear, still only gives you the total fear result.

2) After you get to repeatable scenes with Yukina (following the total douche bag route), if you select blowjob, cumming both inside her mouth and outside her mouth results in an error page.

3) After the last interaction with Satomi, returning to her house and selecting reviewing lesson, will bring up the options as if you had selected talk.

4) If you do not go to the cafe in the evening to spy on Reiko, but you do go to the club on Friday, the scene still plays out as if you had gone to the cafe first. You are able to save and interact with Reiko, but the quest log is not updated. Meaning you could make this scene repeatable simply by not going to the cafe. 

5) Definitely could use a proof reader for the English version. There are a number of spelling and grammatical errors, as well as problems with sentence structure and word choice.

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I didn't like the fact that you can't click past some of the animated scenes, the game makes you watch it for several seconds before opening the dialogue box. I don't want to jack off to every single sex scene in the game, especially when I went through a single run two sittings. So having to sit through 7 seconds of handjob, 7 seconds of faster hanjob, 7 seconds of blowjob, 7 seconds of faster blowjob, 7 seconds of fastest blowjob, etc. can be annoying when you just want to progress through the story.

Besides that and a bit of broken English here and there, the game is pretty good!

When will be android version? l


Please 0.7 

How do I make money in this game


By working for the girl at the gym in the evenings. If you can't do it yet, just wait. I don't think money has much use in this game, anyway.

Please version for Android!

If you're having problem that Akane scenes won't show up. You'll need to download the file in this link.



new version please 


One of most Amazing games i've been playing. You've got talent Keep It Up :)

Thanks man. I'll try my best!

hey u should make a discord

I have a discord, but I don't write much in there. Just some announcement...

Here is the link by the way


im in

sooooooooooo when is 0.5 dropping

I'd say about a month.

hell yh cant wait to play more 

its really fun so far

Looks good so far :)

interesante ...